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Keeping our roads safe and orderly

Enforcement on illegal parking is necessary to keep our roads safe and orderly. Enforcement is also necessary to minimise the non payment or under payment of car park charges.

If you have been issued with a parking offence notice, we hope that you can understand and appreciate the need for us to do so. More than 90% of motorists pay their car park fines promptly. Please appeal only if you have good and valid reasons.

Appeal Process

Common parking offences


Parking Charges

Handicap Label

Tampering of parking coupons


Court - Warrant of Arrest



Appeal Process


Q1: When can I appeal?

Please appeal only if you have strong and valid reasons with documentary proofs to support your appeal eg. medical certificates, reports, vehicle repair receipts, vehicle towing invoice etc.

Q2: How would I get a waiver for my notice?

Unless our investigations confirm that the Patrolling Officers have made a mistake in issuing the notice, notices are normally not withdrawn. We are unable to make decisions with regard to infringements on the basis of motorists’ explanations alone. To do so, we would unfairly discriminate against others in the process. Therefore we have to consider only the facts and information of the case so as not to practise double standards in booking certain offending vehicles, while condoning others in the process.

Q3: Can I re-appeal if my appeal is rejected?

In the event that your appeal is rejected, please rest assured that it has been thoroughly reviewed.

All appeals are considered on a case-by-case basis. Further appeals may not be entertained.

Q4: Can I appeal on grounds that I have financial difficulties for court cases?

You are required to submit the following documentary proofs:

  • - CPF contribution statement (at least past 6 months)
  • - Outstanding HDB mortgage arrears
  • - Outstanding SP Services utilities arrears
  • - Outstanding Town Council arrears
  • - Instalment plans granted by other agencies
  • - Any other relevant documents to support eg. bankruptcy letter, outstanding medical bills and financial assistance from social welfare agencies.


Common parking offences


Q1: If I am away for a short while (eg. loading/unloading or running a quick errand) must I display a parking coupon?

Q2: Are motorists allowed to wait in the vehicle while it is parked within a parking lot, without displaying any coupon?

Motorists have to display valid parking coupons once their vehicles are parked in the parking lots, regardless of parking duration or whether it is attended to. This is to be fair to other motorists who have duly paid for their period of parking. Paid parking also encourages vehicular turnover, thereby allowing other motorists an equal opportunity to utilise the parking lots.

Q3: I am unable to find parking lots near my destination, what should I do?

We understand motorists’ wish for convenience when parking their vehicles. However, there may be occasions when there are no available lots near to their intended destination. In such situations, we advise motorists to either wait for a vacant parking lot or look for alternative parking places, to park their vehicles. A comprehensive listing of URA and private car parks is available at the following links:

Q4: I was held up at a meeting/seminar/appointment and was unable to display more coupons. Can I request for a waiver for my overparking offence notice?

While we would like to show empathy for such cases, if we were to freely accept such explanations, then it would make it very difficult for us to distinguish between those that are genuinely making an honest mistake and those that may be intentionally evading paying parking charges.

We advise all motorists to manage their parking time and ensure that there are sufficient parking coupons displayed to cover their entire parking duration at the car park to avoid such situations.


Q5: I have torn wrong tabs in my parking coupons. What should I do with the parking coupons?

The display of parking coupons serves to indicate the time parking commences as well as the intended parking duration of the vehicle in the car park. Motorists must therefore ensure that they indicate the correct date and time when parking commences on their parking coupon(s) before displaying them for inspection.

Parking coupons with at least one segment of the tabs intact may be exchanged for new coupons at HDB branch office or the service counter at The URA Centre.

Coupons with any irregularities (e.g. tabs with folded/creased marks) are not allowed for exchange.

Q6: I have run out of parking coupons. Where can I buy them?

Motorists need to purchase and maintain a ready supply of parking coupons in their vehicles for use whenever necessary. Parking coupons can be purchased from any of the following authorised sale outlets:

Q7: How do I use the parking coupon to indicate the intended parking duration?

Motorists are required to tear off completely the relevant five tabs of their parking coupons to indicate the time of parking. We wish to highlight that parking coupons with folded tabs or fold/creased marks on their tabs are considered invalid and may be deemed to have been tampered with and reused for parking. In serious cases, motorists may be charged in Court.


Q8: Is it acceptable to park my car out of the parking lot boundaries?

Motorists are required to park their vehicles fully within the designated parking lot. By parking out of the boundaries, the vehicle would cause inconvenience and danger to other motorists parking on the adjacent lots.

Q9: Is it an offence to park against the traffic flow?

Driving and parking against the flow of traffic is an offence under Rule 11(3) of the Parking Places Rules and the Road Traffic Act. In order for you to park against the traffic flow, you would first have to drive against the traffic flow to move into the parking space. Subsequently, when you leave the parking space, you would also have to do so by driving against the traffic flow. Such driving and parking is not allowed as it will pose a danger to the driver and other road users.

Q10: Although I am not parked in a proper parking lot, I think that I am not causing obstruction to the traffic. Why can’t I park this way?

We recognize that you may have your reason for your offence and think that you have not caused any obstruction. However, there are others who may perceive it differently and would expect the authorities to take enforcement action against the offenders.




Q1: Is there a quota set on the number of offence notices to be issued by each Patrolling Officer?

Our Service Provider (SP) is required to patrol all URA car parks to ensure that motorists comply with the parking rules.

We pay them a fixed monthly sum for the enforcement patrolling function. We do not pay the SP by the number of parking offence notices issued by their Patrolling Officers. Hence there is no quota set for the Patrolling Officers. The number of parking offence notices issued depends on the actual parking offences found in the course of their enforcement rounds.

Q2: How does URA ensure that parking notices are issued correctly?

We have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place that the Patrolling Officers are required to comply with. These established procedures require the officers to do a close inspection of the vehicle before a notice can be issued.

In addition, we have backend supervisory checks on the officers as an added measure. The officers are subjected to rigorous audits and their performance is monitored closely.

Q3: How do I report when I see vehicles contravening parking regulations?

To make a report on offending vehicles, it is important to establish the agency managing the parking place. Please call:

Members of the public can call our service provider’s 24-hour enforcement hotline at 1800-547 1923 to request for enforcement, or submit a written report against the offending vehicles if they observe any parking offences at URA car parks.

We are prepared to follow up on such reports if the complainant can provide the vehicle number of the offending vehicle, place, date and time of offence, with the relevant photos, and agrees to be a witness should the offender deny committing the offence and challenges his/her case in Court.

Click here to view the Report Form.


Parking Charges


Q1: How do I find out the parking charges or operation hours at the car park?

The parking charges and operation hours may differ at each car park and not all public car parks have free parking after 5pm or on Sundays and Public Holidays. Motorists are advised to check the Coupon Parking signboards for the relevant parking information when they park their vehicles at the car parks. Besides the car park signboard, motorists are advised to look out for other parking restrictions signs within the car park.

For more information on URA parking charges, you may refer to the parking information here.

Q2: What are the maximum car parking charges for parking whole day?

There are two types of whole-day parking coupons that motorists can use in coupon parking lots:

(a) You may display a $16.50 parking coupon if you are parking in car parks within the Restricted Zone, which is chargeable at $1 per half-hour throughout the parking operation hours for the whole day.


(b) You may display a $10 parking coupon if you are parking in car parks within the Non-Restricted Zone, which is chargeable at $0.50 per half-hour throughout the parking operation hours for the whole day.

You may purchase both the $16.50 and $10 parking coupons from the URA Centre, or HDB Branch Offices.


Q3: How do I differentiate URA car parks and HDB car parks?

HDB signboards have the HDB logo on them. URA and HDB signboards have different background colours. URA signboard can be differentiated by the bright orange and yellow background while HDB signboard has a yellow background.



Handicap Label


Q1: What is a handicap label?

Under the Car Park Label Scheme, persons with physical disabilities and mobility constraints who drive their own vehicles or are ferried by their caregivers can obtain car park labels that will enable them to park at the reserved handicap lot which have larger space for the use of mobility aids.

Q2: What are the parking labels available?


Class 1

Class 2

Colour of label




Vehicle is driven by the label holder who has physical disabilities with mobility constraints.

Caregiver to passenger with physical disabilities with mobility constraints.

Charges for handicap lot with valid handicap label

1st hour: free
2nd hour onwards: prevailing rates


Limit to 1st hour: prevailing rates

2nd hour onwards: to shift vehicle to regular parking lots and display requisite value of parking coupons.

(This is to provide a reasonable amount of time for caregivers to escort their passengers to a safe place before returning to shift their vehicles.)

Q3: How do I apply for the handicap parking label?

For information on the application of handicap parking label, you may contact the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL) at 1800-8585 885 or visit their website here


Tampering of parking coupons


Q1: What are the serious consequences of displaying coupons with irregularities?

Relevant tabs must be torn off completely to indicate the date and start time of parking the vehicle.

Displaying a coupon with any irregularity which indicates that the coupon has been tampered with (e.g. tabs with folded/creased marks) is a serious offence. Such offences may be charged in Court.

Q2: What should I do if I was issued a tampered coupon offence?

We would advise you to comply with the Parking Offence Notice which will be sent to you in due course.




Q1: How did my parking offence escalate to more than $100?

When a parking offence is committed, reminder notices will be sent to the vehicle owner or driver to request for settlement. If there is no response or payment made within the stipulated grace periods, Court actions would be initiated. An additional $100 will be imposed on the original composition amount.

Q2: I received a letter from URA with the reference number 50/2/2M. What does it mean?

It is a Court letter from URA to inform you that you have an upcoming case to be mentioned in the Subordinate Court. You may still settle the Court summons out of Court by paying for the composition amount by the payment due date stipulated in the letter. Payment must be made before the payment due date at any SAM, AXS station or through our website,

Q3: I have missed the payment due date stated on the Court letter 50/2/2M. Can I still settle the summons without attending Court?

You are required to settle the case at $300 under ATOMS (Automated Traffic Offence Management System) at AXS station before 5pm on the Court Mention Date stated in the letter.

Otherwise, you will need to attend Court if no payment is made for the case by 5pm on the Court Mention Date stated. Please note that a Warrant of Arrest will be issued against you if you are absent from Court.

Q4: What are the penalties that would be imposed by the Court?

The penalty would be either a Court Fine of up to $2 000 and/or an imprisonment of up to 3 months.


Q5: Can I make partial payment instead of full payment?

No. You are required to make a full payment for each parking offence notice.

Q6: I am the vehicle owner, but was not the driver responsible on the date of offence. How can URA charge me in Court?

Vehicle owners have opportunities to furnish the driver’s particulars within the stipulated grace period. However, if the vehicle owner fails to respond to our request for driver’s particulars within the stipulated grace periods, Court actions would be initiated against the vehicle owner for failing to furnish the driver’s particulars.

Q7: What will happen if I cannot attend Court due to some reasons?

Court Mention Date has been fixed well in advance and you are required to attend Court on that date.

For more information, you can refer to the website of the Subordinate Court by clicking here and click on the Night Court from the Quick Links.


Court - Warrant of Arrest


Q1: Why is a Warrant of Arrest (WA) issued?

A Warrant of Arrest would be issued against the defendant if he/she is absent from Court on the given Court Mention Date.

Q2: How do I settle my Warrant of Arrest?

Please call 6557 5017 to check on the status of your WA. If the WA is active, you are advised to report to the Warrant Enforcement Unit (WEU) immediately, with a Singaporean/Permanent Resident bailor of age 21 years old and above, to post bail for your WA.

After you have executed your WA, you may see our Public Liaison Officers at the URA Centre (45 Maxwell Road) before your new Court Mention Date given by WEU, to make payment for the case.

Q3: What is a cash bail?

A cash bail may be imposed for defendants with multiple WAs. You will be required to present a Cashier's Order payable to “The Registrar, Subordinate Courts”. You may purchase the Cashier's Order from any of the major banks.

Please call the Warrant Enforcement Unit at 6557 5017 for more information on your WA and cash bail.

Q4: What will happen if I do not settle the case?

Please be informed that you may be subjected to the following tougher measures if you have any outstanding WAs issued against you

  • a. Disallow to renew road tax;
  • b. Disqualify from driving;
  • c. Disallow to renew Work Permit/Employment Pass for foreigner;
  • d. Disallow to renew/apply for season parking ticket;
  • e. Detention of your vehicle (being towed/clamped); and
  • f. Physical arrest




Q1: When do I need to make payment for the notice of parking offence?

A notice of parking offence is payable within 7 days from the date of the offence. If payment is not made, we will send the registered vehicle owner a reminder, requesting for the driver’s particulars or settlement of the notice.

Q2: Can I still make payment after the expiry of the reminder?

If no payment is made by the stipulated payment due date stated on the reminder, additional late penalties may be imposed.

You are advised to make payment for the notice immediately in receipt of the reminder.

Q3: I received a Final Reminder (Red Letter) and the amount payable has increased. Why?

Motorists would have to pay the composition fines for their parking offences within 7 days of the offence. However, if they fail to do so, we would send reminders to the hirer/vehicle owner/driver’s registered address to request for settlement. Please note that an additional $15 will be imposed for late payment once a final reminder is processed. Court actions will be initiated after the expiry date of the final reminder has lapsed and motorists would have to comply with the Court letter which will be sent to them.

Kindly note that we would no longer be able to accept the driver’s particulars once the final reminder has been processed.


Q4: I have paid for the notice but still received a reminder. What should I do?

Processing of payment may take up to 1 working day. It may be possible that we had already sent out the reminder before your payment is received.

To confirm your payment, please wait for 1 working day before checking online at to see if there are still outstanding fines against your vehicle.

Q5: I have made payment. Do I still need to furnish the driver’s particulars?

No, you will not be required to do so.

Q6: How do I check that my payment has been received?

To confirm your payment, please wait for 1 working day before checking online at to see if there are still outstanding fines against your vehicle.

Please note that offences involving Unauthorized Use of Parking Lot, Tampered coupon, Court and Warrant cases will not be reflected in this link. Please call the hotline at 6329 3434 during office hours for more information.


Q7: How do I furnish the driver’s particulars?

If you wish to furnish the driver’s particulars, we would require the following information:

  • • Notice Number
  • • Driver’s Full Name
  • • Driver’s NRIC Number
  • • Driver’s Address

You may do so by faxing to us at 6225 3336, or mail to:

Car Parks Division

45 Maxwell Road

The URA Centre

Singapore 069118

Kindly note that the driver's particulars will not be accepted once a final reminder is processed.

Q8: How do I make payment?

For parking offences, you may make payment at any SAM, AXS station or through our website, If you are unable to do so, please call our customer enquiry line at 6329 3434 during office hours.

Q9: Can I make partial payment instead of full payment?

No. You are required to make a full payment for each parking offence notice.



Last updated on Thursday 18 April, 2013