Apply for a Housing Developer's Licence (HDL)
Getting the Application Form
  1. Please select the type of licence and the type of entity from the dropdown lists:
Submitting the Application
  1. Fill in the details required in the application form and after you have completed the application form, save the form in any storage media.

    Once you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions , click on the Proceed button and follow the instructions to submit the completed licence application.
  1. Sending the Documents and Payment
    After you have successfully submitted your application, send the required documents and payment to:

    Controller of Housing
    45 Maxwell Road
    The URA Centre
    Singapore 069118

    For payment by cheque, it should be made payable to : Urban Redevelopment Authority


  1. The estimated time to fill in the application form is 30 minutes.
  2. For repeat applicants, if you have downloaded Version 3 of the application form, please proceed to Step 2 to submit your application. The version of the form is stated in the form title.