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By using the eService, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Before you proceed with the eService, please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not proceed with the use of the eService.

URA General Terms & Conditions And Conditions Of Access

The use of the eService shall be subject to and governed by the URA General Terms & Conditions and the Conditions of Access (collectively to be hereinafter referred to as "the General Conditions").

Additional Terms And Conditions ("Additional Conditions")

In addition to the General Conditions, the use of the eService shall be subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

(A) If you are using the eService to make any application or request to the COH, you shall accept and agree to the following :
  1. Your application or request will not be processed if the information provided is incomplete or you do not submit the required documents and payment (if applicable).

  2. If the necessary documents and payment do not reach URA within 1 month from the date of an application or request, it will be deemed that you have withdrawn the application or request and no further action shall be taken on it.

  3. If any of the particulars provided is changed subsequently, you shall notify the Controller immediately. Notice of changes can be made via email to or in writing to :

    45 Maxwell Road,
    The URA Centre,
    Singapore 069118


    Please note that under Rule 19(1)(c) of the Housing Developers Rules, it is an offence to give any statement or information which is false, misleading or inaccurate in any material particular when making an application for a Housing Developer's Licence. Anyone found guilty of such an offence shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.

  4. The data provided in your application or request may be shared with other Government Departments.

  5. The data provided in your application or request will be retained in our databases even if you withdraw or it is deemed that you have withdrawn your application or request.

  6. Application fees payable
    For application for a Housing Developer's Licence, the fees payable are based on the size of the housing development and are as follows :

    Number of housing unitsFees Payable
    (with effect from 1 April 2007)
    Not More Than 10 Units $2,000
    11 – 50 Units $4,500
    51 – 100 Units $7,500
    101 – 200 Units $11,000
    201 – 400 Units $14,000
    More Than 400 Units $17,000

    The above fees are quoted in Singapore currency.

  7. Refund Policy
    Upon submission of all the necessary documents and payment of the application fees, URA will start processing your application. In which case, no refund of the application fees paid will be given if you decide to withdraw the application.

(B) If you are using the eService to check for validity of a Housing Developer's Licence, you accept and agree as follows :
  1. The information is provided on the basis of data available at the time of the search and changes may be made to the information subsequently.

  2. The information provided shall not be construed or interpreted as being or containing any representation or warranty by or on the part of the COH or URA on the quality of any development which has been or is being undertaken by the housing developer.

  3. The COH and URA shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, claim or liability that may arise directly or indirectly out of any use or reliance made of the information given. You are advised to seek proper legal advice before committing to any home purchases.

  4. If you have reasons to believe that any part of the information given is not accurate, please inform us through email at

Conflict Between General Conditions And Additional Conditions

If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the General Conditions and the Additional Conditions, the Additional Conditions shall, to the extent of such inconsistency or conflict, prevail.

Modification Of Terms And Conditions

URA may, without giving prior notice, modify these terms and conditions from time to time. You shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions as modified upon your use of the eService after the modifications have been made.

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