Please download the standard format to indicate your proposed changes to the prescribed forms as shown in the example below :

Developer & Project Information

Housing Developer’s Licence No.


Project Location:

Option to Purchase (Form B)

Clause No.

Proposed changes







*Estate in perpetuity/Fee Simple (freehold)/Statutory Land Grand/Leasehold of _____years.

To reflect the actual status of the tenure.








Sale and Purchase Agreement (Form D / Form E)

Clause No.

Proposed Changes






Underground High Voltage Cable

The purchaser acknowledges that he is aware of the existence of the underground extra high voltage 66KV cable belong to PwerGrid Limited running through the common property of the Housing Project.


This is PowerGrid Limited's requirement. PowerGrid’s letter to the developer dated ______ is attached as ________.



Boundary Wall of the Housing Project

The Housing Project is subject to minor encroachments from the neighbouring lots ____of Mukim ___ onto its lot(s) as indicated on the plan annexed to this Agreement ("the Plan"). The Purchaser acknowledges that he is aware that due to these minor encroachments, the boundary wall of the Housing Project is built/will be built/or is in the course of being built on the line indicated in red on the Plan instead of along the boundary line of the lot(s) for the Housing Project and the Purchaser shall not make or raise any requisition or objection whatsoever in respect thereto.

This is to inform purchaser of the condition on the encroachment.

Documentary proof on encroachment and the Plan are attached as______.