Read before You Subscribe!

Subscription fees
The subscription fee is $80 for the first day (i.e. 24 hours) of continuous access, and $40 for each consecutive subsequent day.

Period of subscription
Each day of subscription will give you 24 hours of access. Your subscription period will commence from the moment you log in to the system, and you can log in as many times as you wish within this period. You will need to log in within 30 days of signing up.

If you sign up for 2 days for $120 and log in on Monday, the access period will be for 2 consecutive days on Monday and Tuesday. The 2 day period must be continuous and cannot be on non-consecutive days e.g. Monday and Friday.

Server Down Time
URA’s server is shut down between 3 am to 5 am every day during which you will not be able to access the website. You will be compensated with an extra 2 hours per day to ensure that you receive the full 24 hours access time for each day.

If you subscribe for 3 days starting on 1 May and log in for the first time at 10.00 am on 3 May, your subscription period will commence at 10.00 am on 3 May and end at 4.00 pm on 5 May (i.e. after adding on 6 hours to compensate for the 2 hours of server down time for each of the 3 days). Within this period you can log in to the system as many times as you wish.

To read our refund policy, click HERE.

If you want to change your subscription details or period of subscription, please inform us at 6329 3456 or email us at before you start using the system.
This subscription process may take you about 5 minutes to complete.
For payment by credit card, you will need details of your credit card to complete the subscription.

You will not be able to access REALIS from 3am to 5am Singapore Time (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)
every day as the REALIS server will be shutdown for maintenance.

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