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eNETS Debit
1. What is eNETS Debit?
2. What are the benefits of using eNETS Debit?
3. Is this service available 24 hours?
4. What is the difference between using my Bank's Internet Banking and URA's eNETS?
5. What are the charges for eNETS Debit?

1. What is eNETS Debit?
  eNETS Debit is an Internet-based payment method that enables you to make payment from your bank account using your Internet Banking PIN and ID. Now, you can make payments for e-services to URA via eNETS Debit. You simply need to key in your e-service details, Internet Banking User ID and password to make a transaction.
2. What are the benefits of using eNETS Debit?
  You can pay for the following e-services anytime from your home, office or overseas, via any computer with Internet access.

  • Apply for Pre-Application Consultation Service
  • Change of Use E-Submission
  • Conference Registration & Payment Eservice
  • Conservation Change of Use
  • Electronic Development Register
  • Enquiry on Application of Approved Use
  • Extension of Permissions
  • Home Office Scheme Registration
  • Invoice Payment
  • Legal Requisition
  • Outline Application
  • Payment for Land Sales Package
  • Payment for Parking Offence Notice
  • Payment for Replacement of lost Season Ticket
  • Payment for Southern Ridges Bridge Design Competition Package
  • Payment for VPC Renewal
  • Payment for Vehicle Parking Certificate application
  • Payment for difference in rate upon Transfer of Season Ticket between Parking Places
  • Payment for purchase of season ticket
  • Payment for use of Parking Lots Application
  • Payment of Parking Coupons by Agent
  • Pre-Approved Renewal of CU Temporary Permission
  • REALIS Adhoc Access
  • Realis
  • Renewal of Season Ticket
  • Request for Waivers on Development Guidelines
  • Requisition for Planning Records
  • Sale of plans
  • UPE Workshop Registration
  • eDeveloper Packets/ LSPIIWeb
  • ePayment for Amendment to MP Fee
  • ePayment for Civil Penalty
  • ePayment for Development Charge
  • ePayment for Minor Development Application
  • ePayment for Processing Fee

  • 1. All you need to remember are your Internet Banking User ID and password.
    2. eNETS Debit is secured. It provides a tripartite authentication process, called Triple Check, which instantaneously authenticates URA, Banks and Customers.
    3. It gives you control. You decide when to pay.
    3. Is this service available 24 hours?
      Yes, you can make payment at any time that is convenient to you.
    4. What is the difference between using my Bank's Internet Banking Bill Payment and eNETS Debit via URA's website?
      Transactions that are made via your Bank's Internet Banking will take a longer time to process. This is because the Bank does not have direct linkage with URA to pass the transaction's information. URA will receive this information via ordinary mail/fax.

    On the other hand, if you use eNETS, there is a secured payment gateway that links the Bank and URA. When you use eNETS to make a transaction, both parties will be informed online. Thus, the processing time will be shorter.

    We encourage you to use eNETS via URA website when you wish to make an online payment for URA e-services. It is fast and easy.
    5. What are the charges for eNETS Debit?
      This online payment service is free. There is no charge for using eNETS Debit.