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All you need is to have an account, saving or current, with any of the participating banks.

Fill in the downloaded Direct Debit Authorisation form and return the completed application to:

Deputy Superintendent
Car Parks Division
Urban Redevelopment Authority
45 Maxwell Road
The URA Centre
Singapore 069118

In general, it will take between 3 – 6 weeks for processing by the banks from the date the Division receives the application. We will notify you once approval is obtained from the bank.


For each renewal, your bank will deduct the parking fee payable from your bank account as stated in the Direct Debit Authorisation for each period of renewal.

The payment for each renewal period will be deducted on the 24th of the expiry month of the current ticket. If 24th is a weekend or holiday, the deduction will be effected on the next working day. No physical season parking ticket will be issued as we have dispensed with the need for its display*. To view or print the season parking ticket information, please visit our website at (go to Carparks -> Season Parking -> Query/Print receipt of season parking fee payment) after 2 working days from the date of the successful deduction.

* The season parking ticket information will be captured in our system. The enforcement officers will check for valid season parking using their electronic hand-held terminals to ascertain if the vehicles have valid season parking.
To de-activate GIRO arrangement, please notify us in writing. Termination will be automatic if the bank account is closed.


You may suspend the renewal of your current season parking ticket temporarily if you do not need to use the car park for any acceptable reason, subject to the Division's approval. You may also terminate the season parking ticket if the parking arrangement is no longer required. Notifications of suspension or termination requests are to be submitted via our website at


The Division is to be notified immediately of any change in address, vehicle number or contact details as furnished in the Direct Debit Authorisation. Notification of change of applicant's address is to be submitted via our website at

However, if you are not eligible for issue of a season parking ticket at the rate charged following the change in your address or vehicle, your request will be rejected. The parking arrangement may be terminated without prior notice.

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