Real Estate Information System (REALIS)
Is an internet-based system that gives subscribers access to real estate information anytime, anywhere.
Can be accessed from any location with internet connections. All that are needed are the username and password. No special software or hardware is needed.
Provides timely and comprehensive information on the Singapore property market.
Contains a wide range of statistics on the private residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
Also contains details of individual projects.
Includes function which enable users to perform perform mathematical computations of multiple statistical series online and do cross-tabulation of data.

The data are categorised into 4 distinct databases, namely, the Timeseries, Project, Transaction and Stock databases.

1) Time Series Database
Contains More than 1,300 time series.  
  All the time series are available from the very day the data was first compiled. E.g. the private resale property price index goes as far back as 1975.
  Statistics such as price and rental indices, median prices, stock and vacancy, supply in the pipeline, sales and launches.

Special Features Users can search for the required time series by the type of data, property type and location.
  Users can view the time series in graphical or tabular formats.
  Selected statistics are compiled into tables and charts for users' easy reference.
  Users can analyse the time series (e.g. dividing the number of units sold by the number of units launched for sale) using the multiple-series analysis tool.

2) Project Database  
Contains Information on commercial and industrial projects, and private residential projects (including Executive Condominiums) with more than 4 units which are newly-completed or in the pipeline.
  Details for each project like the planning approval status, size, the construction status, expected date of completion.
  Also details on the number of units launched for sale and sold for private residential resale projects (include Executive Condominium).

Special Features Users can search for projects by the name of the project, property type, location (planning region, planning area, postal district, postal sector and street name), size of project and construction status.
  Users can customise the output by selecting the details they wish to see on the projects selected.
  Users can copy the customised output onto Microsoft applications in their own personal computers for further analysis.

3) Transaction Database
Contains Records of caveats lodged at the Singapore Land Registry since 1995 for residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  Details such as the address of the property, type of sale (whether sold by developer or resale), tenure of land, unit size, transacted price, date of transaction.
Special Features Users can search by location (planning areas, postal codes, street names), contract date, type of property, transacted prices, etc.
  Users can sort the transaction records by any of these parameters.
  Users can cross-tabulate data using the data analysis function.

4) Stock Database  
Contains Information on vacancy rate, available floor space, occupied floor space, median rental by location for commercial and industrial properties.
  Information on the number of units by individual projects by locality down to street name for residential properties.
  Listing of all projects completed in the past one year.
  Rental information (minimum,┬ámaximum, 25 percentile, median and 75 percentile rental) for residential, commercial and industrial projects grouped by street┬áname.

Special Features Users can retrieve data based on their desired area of study and create cross-tabulated data output.
  Users can copy the output onto Microsoft applications for their further analysis.

You will not be able to access REALIS from 3am to 5am Singapore Time (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)
every day as the REALIS server will be shutdown for maintenance.

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